Unboxing the Pico look-alike Camera Table Dolly

Table Mobile Dolly

This mobile dolly is designed to help you create more dynamic shots on flat surfaces like on table, ground, etc, adding cool video to your digital skill set, or just make it easy for you to do your own creative projects using a hand-held HD camcorder, video-ready DSLR, or professional video camera.

Mobile Rolling Slider Dolly Car Skater Video Track Rail for Speedlite DSLR Camera Camcorder Rig

To produce better-looking product videos, I purchased a camera table dolly from Qoo10 online… http://adrianvideoimage.com/tabledolly

Watch the purchase decisions…

The table camera dolly is also known by a number of names.

– rail car table dolly
– tabletop dolly slider
– tabletop dolly skater

The one I bought happened to be unbranded and was on offer – http://www.qoo10.sg/su/413385358/Q100206579

Instead of buying unbranded, you may look at the well-known Pico Dolly Camera Table Dolly. – http://bhpho.to/2rBep8y

Pico is just as inexpensive.

The Pico Dolly Camera Table Dolly from Pico Dolly is a simple, affordable dolly for capturing dynamic shots with small camcorders and any other type of video-enabled camera, such as a DSLR, mirrorless, or point & shoot model.

Perfect for table-top use or low-angle shots, the Pico Dolly adds that crucial element for making otherwise static shots compelling: smooth motion.

The 3.5″-wide dolly has a sturdy aluminium chassis that supports two adjustable axles. Their orientation can be modified (via thumbscrews) to let you adjust the arc of the Pico Dolly’s movement.

The dolly can move straight, along broad curves, or in complete circles for 360° shots.The Pico Dolly has three 1/4″-20 threaded holes on its chassis, for attaching the camera (or first a camera ball head for precise positioning) plus two accessories such as articulating arms and lights. (A removable 1/4″-20 post is included.)

Its wheels resemble those of inline skates, and high-quality ball bearings ensure that your dynamic shots are carried off smoothly – without a hitch.

– Adjustable axles allow the Pico Dolly to glide straight or in full 360° circles
– Aluminium body construction
– Inline skate-style wheels with high-quality ball bearings

Check out thePico Dolly Camera Table Dolly – http://bhpho.to/2rBep8y

I will be releasing the demo video shots next.

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions.

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