Pros and Cons of Self-hosted Wordpress vs Blogger Blogspot

7 reasons that convinced me to go back to Blogger Blogspot.

After speaking to a friend this morning about serious blogging for money, I see a strong reason to migrate back from Wordpress.  The main reason was website traffic handling.

Self-hosted Wordpress vs Blogger Blogspot.

  1. Hosted Wordpress encounters traffic spike issues if not on WP managed service. Blogspot likely has no issues.
  2. Both can integrate with Facebook Instant Articles.
  3. Wordpress is more business oriented with your own domain. It is also possible to redirect a domain to Blogspot.
  4. It's a hassle to maintain hosting technical and security issues. Blogspot manages the technical side of things.
  5. Both can make money with Adsense.
  6. If Wordpress hosting site fails, Google ranking will be affected badly. It's unlikely to happen to Blogspot as it belongs to Google.
  7. Your data on Blogspot may disappear one day because you don't own the site. The same will happen to your Wordpress site when hacked.  Always make regular backups. By the way, paid web hosting sites does even guarantee safe backups. 
One more... My Wordpress site will disappear when I am not on this earth anymore to pay the monthly hosting fees.

This is yet another one my experiment against popular advice.

Will it work? Time will tell.

Feel free to share your thoughts... and remember to subscribe.

Adrian Lee
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