Temporary Internet Connection in Singapore

I am finding a way to live stream a day of seminar event over Facebook.
Using the venue’s wifi is unreliable, as there will be a crowd sharing it.
Using my own mobile 4G data is fast and reliable but too expensive.
Gone are the days of unlimited mobile data. No thanks to M1, Starhub and Singtel.
So, is there other alternatives? Yes.
Temporary Internet Connection in Singapore
  • Also known as Portable Wifi or Pocket Wifi
  • Sometimes known as Wifi Rental
Some places you can rent wifi in Singapore:
For travelers and tourists passing through Singapore.
For event organizers and people like myself,  live streaming videographers.
How about MyRepublic? Are they going to have unlimited mobile data?
How about hiring Live Streaming Services? There are some.
Any live streaming video production service in Singapore? Not many.
My research continues and diverts into related topics.
OK, I am steering away from my original topic. I will start a new post for that.
Do you know other temporary internet connection provider in Singapore? Please let me know.
Adrian Lee
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