Fixing 404 Page Not Found Error | WordPress Tutorial #1

What happened?

I scheduled a WordPress blog post but posted the link on Facebook and YouTube.
Don’t ask why I do it. I’m just being lazy because I don’t want to schedule the other platforms.
It’s an online marketing strategy to link all my information assets with each other.

So What?

When someone clicks on the link that does not exist, they will get a “Page Not Found Error”.
It’s not professional and it’s not good for SEO in the eyes of Google search engine robots.

What’s the solution?

I found and installed a WordPress plugin that redirects these missing pages to the home page.
Simply install and it works. No tweaking required…

What’s next?

For more on WordPress, download the full course… “WordPress The Complete Business Web Design Course
Adrian Lee
PS: Look out for WordPress Tutorial #2!

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