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ACTIVATED CloudFlare on Bluehost for BJ, EG, BMZ, VVS and VL. Free. Test this before migrating out of BH. Look out for reduction of malware/hacker/spammer/security/login attack.  If none, then stay in BH.  CHANGED WP general setting for all 5 projects above to WWW (otherwise get the message "This webpage has a redirect loop ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS."

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EDITED and DELIVERED client BXTR video. v3. Minor changes.

LEARNT new word: Affluent vs. Effluent 

Affluent describes something or someone as having a lot of money. It can also mean something is fluid or flow in a large quantity, either literally or figuratively. A third definition lists it as a stream. A person who is wealthy is an affluent, and as a group they are affluents. Its derivative is affluently.

Effluent is the liquid sewage that is released as waste. Effluent is still listed in the dictionary as an adjective meaning flowing out, but the link to chemicals has become so common, a user would risk that connotation.

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NOTED: How to lock all audio to video tracks at once in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Description: To preserve a video track and prevent accidental edits, lock it down. You can lock both audio and video tracks temporarily in an Adobe Premiere Pro timeline. Diagonal lines and padlock icons indicate locked tracks on the timeline. Click the lock icon to lock an individual audio or video track. Shift-click a lock icon to lock all audio or video tracks. If you need to work on one video track without affecting any others, shift-click to lock all tracks, and then click once on the desired lock to unlock just a single track.

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17:30 - 17:55

NOTED: How to Hide WordPress directory structure. Added to VL .htaccess file.

Description:  You can edit your .htaccess file by downloading it to your desktop and opening it in a text editor like Notepad. Now at the end of your WordPress generated code in the .htaccess file simply add this line at the bottom:

"Options -Indexes"

Now save your .htaccess file and upload it back to your server using your FTP client. That’s all you need to do. Directory browsing is now disabled on your WordPress site and people trying to locate a directory index on your website will be redirected to WordPress 404 page.

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Side effect. This message again "This webpage has a redirect loop ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS."

Caused by plugin Permalink Finder.

RESOLVED redirect loop by creating a page with directory name in the URL for Permalink Finder to redirect to. However still cannot resolve the problem when url has a ?query.

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