Is SEO Business Profitable?

I want to branch into Video SEO business, but is it more profitable than my current Videography service?

Here's what I found...

  • Neil Patel built an SEO agency and made millions from it.  - 2013
    • Stumbled upon the business after giving his college speech on SEO, where he got his first client.
    • The main ways to get new clients is through (1) speaking at conferences, (2) blogging,  (3) helping out bloggers and (4) referrals. 
    • BLOG posts with more technical content and data get MORE LEADS.
    • SPEAK at non-SEO/marketing conferences that charge at least $1000 per ticket.
    • Talk about tactics people can use. Show example of companies using the tactics. Wrap up with data that shows your methods were successful.
    • GIVE free SEO for bloggers and companies, in exchange for a link back to your site "SEO by...".
    • SEO Clients rarely stick with you for more than 3 years. (My videography clients stuck with me for more than 7 years and still sticking!)
    • Keep in touch with clients monthly (Like all other businesses)
    • Take on clients that you can provide results.
    • Charge client based on what they can earn from the raking result.
    • Work with large brands at lower costs to use as case studies to secure future sales.
    • Take on clients that pay you six figures and not a few thousand.
    • Give detailed FREE proposal on how they can fix their current problem.  If they have the time to do it on their own, fine... otherwise hire you.
    • "The quickest way to increase revenue is to become the outsourced arm of bigger agencies."
    • Work with ad agencies. Let them white label your service. Ask for six-figure contracts.
    • Never stop giving and give without expecting anything in return. 
Do you own an SEO business? If yes, please share your experience.

Adrian Lee

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