How to Set Up a Live Webinar for Training

I was asked for tips on setting up a webinar.  Here’s Part One…

What is a webinar?
  • Webinars are web-based seminars with more than 30 participants. 
  • Online presentations, workshops, lectures and meetings.
  • Webinars are interactive between the viewer and the presenter. 
Why conduct webinars online?
  • Save money on travel, catering and venue.
How to organise a webinar?
  1. Set the date in advance.  Avoid dates near holidays to ensure maximum attendance.
  2. Set the right time. Avoid timings when your participant will be out of office and avoid having it too close to the end of the day.
  3. Set the agenda. Determine the duration and list out the topic.  Include some Q and A time.
  4. Select you webinar tool. Test various tools and choose the one with features that suits your requirement.
  5. Practice running the webinar.  Ensure you know how to use the webinar tool to run the session smoothly.
  6. Send the invitation. Outline the agenda so participants will know if it is relevant for them. Include a link to connect to the webinar. 
  7. Record the webinar. Make the recorded webinar available for later use or for people who did not attend.
Webinar tool vs online meeting tool?
  • Most online meeting tool accommodates up to 30 participant, while the webinar tool can take hundreds or more.
  • Webinar tools have features like invitation, registration and followup facilities. 
How to choose a webinar tool? Questions to ask…
  • Can it accommodate multiple presenters at different places?
  • Can it display slides from the presenter’s computer?
  • Can it play back a video from the presenter’s computer?
  • Does it allow user with slower internet to switch to lower resolution video?
  • Can you send over files to your viewer?
  • What is the maximum number of participants?
  • What is the price?
  • Can you test a free trial before committing?
Professional Webinar Software and Services…
Finally, TWO webinar-like services you must explore…

Adrian Lee

Up next - How to set up video and audio for webinar?

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