Six U.S. Video Production Companies Allowed to Use Drones

U.S. aviation regulators allowed six  movie and TV companies to use drones for commercial  video production.

The six photo and video production companies will be exempt from Federal Aviation Administration ban for commercial use of drones provided...
  • The aircraft weighs 25kg or less. 
  • Used within sight of the remote pilot.
  • The pilot must hold a private pilot's license.
  • Flown under 120m in altitude.
  • Flown within the confines of the production set.
There is money in drones according to Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International...
  • The drone industry would create at least 70,000 jobs in the first three years.
  • This would generate nearly US$14 billion in economic activity.
It's time to learn how to fly... a drone.

Adrian Lee

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