Adobe Premiere Elements 13 Replaces Version 12

Adobe announced its new version of its basic video editing software.

  • Premiere Elements 13 is the stripped down version of Premiere Pro.
  • New features:
    • "Shake Stabilizer” to smooth out shaky video footage.
    • “Favorite Moments" to mark the best part of a clip, and hence save time on trimming and assembling footage.
    • “Video in Titles” to add video footage into a title.
    • “Effects Masking” to apply blur or other effects to parts of a scene.
    • Elements Live, content by Adobe, with tips, tutorials and contests.
  • Premiere Elements 13 is designed for people who wants to edit videos on their own but do not have the time or know-how.  Tools are developed to automate or guide the user through the process of video editing.
  • Download Adobe Premiere Elements 13 for Mac or PC.
  • Priced at US$ 99.99 new or US$ 79.99 for upgrade.
Is it worth the upgrade?  Personally, I have version 12, and the only thing new and that matters is the Shake Stabilizer.  So I would say for US$79.99, it is not worth getting just the Shake Stabilizer. I will buy it anyway, because I am going to teach my students how to use it to make videos for their work and business.

Adrian Lee
Making Video for Business

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