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Premiere Pro H264 Export Blinking Issue on MacBook Pro

Adobe has updated Premiere Pro CC to Premiere Pro CC 2014.
I have uninstalled Premiere Pro CC to reduce clutter of apps.
Now, I face a new challenge.
Intermittent random blinks or flicker occur on H264 MP4 exports.
The annoying split-second blinks occur at different places on repeat export.
Freeze framing the blink, you see a darkened image or a green blank screen.

29 August 2014 Update: The temporary solution... Turn off GPU.
  1. Go to Files > Project Settings > General...
  2. Select Renderer: Mercury Playback Engine Software Only.

I attempted to identify the cause:

  1. . Original mts video blinking? No. The original files were great.
  2. . Wrong sequence settings? No. Other sequence settings also have the same problem.
  3. . Effects filter?  No. Removed all effects and exported the naked mts file still produces the blink problem.
  4. . h264…
  5. . How is Youtube 1080p? Ok.  But clients wants it rendered in 720p for some hardware reason?
  6. . youtube 720p…
  7. . YouTube HD 720p 25 default - blink
  8. . Tweak Adrian YouTube HD 720p 25 profile main 4.1? blink.
  9. . Tweak Adrian YouTube HD 720p 25 profile high 4.0? blink.
  10. . Reset MacBook Pro? blink.
  11. . Try other export format, eg MPEG2? blink.
  12. . Turn off GPU? blink.
  13. . Use HP PC laptop? Ok. 
  14. . Check forums? Happens to Premiere Pro users on Mac only. 
  15. . Updated OS X to 10.9.4? Blink.
  16. . Uninstall and reinstall premiere pro cc 2014 and media encoder? blink.
  17. . Back to Sequence setting, set at 720p? blink.
  18. . Export as h264 hd 720p (not Youtube)? blink
  19. . Export as h264 vimeo 720p? blink.
  20. . Export as quicktime mov h264 720p? blink.
  21. . De-interlace mts? blink.
  22. , Sequence setting again, set to AVCHD? blink.
  23. , Sequence setting one more time, set to clip property? blink.

Give up!
Apple and Adobe are not friends.
I, the video editor, is the victim.
Wasted 1 full day sorting this out.

Lesson learned:
When in Rome, do what the Romans do.
When using Apple, use what Apple makes.
Otherwise use PC for non-apple apps.

Back to my old faithful HP laptop to complete my backlog of work, until Apple and Adobe become friends.

Do you have similar issues? Please share.


UPDATE: 17 July 2014 - I am back using my HP windows PC laptop with Sony Vegas Pro.  Flawless! Fast!


  1. Wow, I am just suffering the same problem. Move to mac for license reasons, and I'm getting the green blink. I have lost about four hours trying to figure it out. Tomorrow I will go back to PC to try to export the footage. Awesome you share this experience. It helped me to avoid losing more time. Thanks

    1. Thanks Teddy for commenting. If you ever find a solution, hope to hear it.

  2. friend
    I had this problem. I did everything you listed and not resolved. After a long time, I realized that Blicking happened when I used an "Adjustment Layer" + "Luma Curve" embedded directly into video take (Mov). After replacing the "Lumar Curve" by "Fast Color Corrector" the problem disappeared.
    Sometimes, only with the "Adjustment Layer" without any effect, the problem also happened.
    Today, to assume the role of Adjustimant Layer, I create a new sequence based on the edited project. As this new sequence I'll only take a huge, I go there and apply a desired effect.
    Sorry for the English. I am Brazilian and I had to use a translator.


    1. Priamo. Thanks for sharing your discovery.

  3. Thanks for the workaround! I was able to isolate the issue to footage that had "Warp Stabilizer" applied. In my export, I noticed some footage had the blinking issue and others didn't. By removing the "Warp Stabilizer" effect, the issue went away in the next export.

    Your workaround, however, allows "Warp Stabilizer" effect to be used.

    Thanks again!

    1. Nice to know that it solved the Warp Stabilizer issue too.

  4. Anonymous10:51 pm


    I´ve some big issues with Adobe Premiere Elements 12 that is quite the same as written above. The only thing is that I work in Windows 7 on a PC.

    When I put a clip on the timeline for editing and runs it it works/looks just fine. If I use the option "Automatic light correction" the flickering begins. It gets worse if I make transitions between two clips. Sometimes it´s like watching a great thunderstorm.
    And if I use this option to much, like in three or four clips in a row, the program crashes.

    This is not all...

    If I use the option "Automatic color tone" on a clip it corrects the colors in parts of the clip. After a while the picture jumps back to unedited colors (as if I didn´t used the option to correct it).

    So, I can´t use my video editing program for more than just cutting the film the way I want it to be. I can´t use any of the inbuilt after effects in the program. Very annoying!

    Someone that has experienced the same problem on a PC?

    Best regards

    1. It happens on both Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements. Auto light correction and auto color tone are both not stable on a clip with a scene that changes constantly. We have to manually correct the light or color in such cases.


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