Ways to Improve Pronunciation in English: The Economist App

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How do you know if you are pronouncing new words correctly? One way to improve your pronunciation skill is to look up an online dictionary and press the speaker icon to hear the word.

Another way is The Economist App!

This is an idea I took away after interviewing Heather Hanson, a speech and language specialist, from http://englishpronunciationcourse.com.

I installed into my iphone the free app, which is a mobile version of the popular magazine with the same name, “The Economist”.

The free version comes with seven past issues of the publication and 6 full articles from each issue. The rest is payable at US$6.99 per issue or less if subscribed on a long term basis.

So how can you improve your English pronunciation from The Economist, a financial magazine?

Each article is accompanied by an audio recording read word for word by a real person.

The advantage of a real human reader versus text-to-speech synthesizer is emotion. You hear words being stressed according to the context. You hear word groupings and pauses that make sense.

The voices are British with the British accent and pronunciation.

The trick is to listen while you look at the words in the article. You can pause or go back to any point to repeat a section.

I enjoy reading aloud together with the recording to hear if I am pronouncing and stressing words correctly.

As you may realize, this is more than just improving pronunciation word by word, but also improving reading as a whole.

Speaking clearly is essential for any business owner to communicate better.

So try this method if you want to improve your pronunciation in English.

You can do the same thing by playing a DVD movie with the subtitles turned on.


Visit Heather’s website to sign up for a free course in English pronunciation…

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