How to Set Up an Amazon Store and Make Money

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Would you like to set up an online store and start making money? The Amazon Store is the fastest and easiest solution to build your internet business.

Over breakfast coffee today, I set up my fourth Amazon Store within 15 minutes. (all that done on the iPhone)

I was able to complete the online shop within a short time frame because I am already a long time member of Amazon Associates.

If you want to make money from Amazon, sign up as an Amazon Asscociate. You need to have a website or a blog and it may take one or more days to approve.

Once approved, you will be presented with many ways with which you can start selling stuff found on Amazon.

I have tried the various selling methods and discovered that the easiest way is to set up an “aStore”.

Just log in to the Amazon Associates Central, select the “aStore” tab and start customizing a store, complete with product descriptions, product reviews and the all important order button.

You can set up more than one store. Each store has a unique link. I have three other stores targeted at different niches.

A jewelry store…

A video maker store…

An iPhone Accessories store…

The jewelry store is created for my 10 year old daughter. Answering part of her many questions, I said “yes, you do not have to pack and deliver the jewels” and, “no, you will not get to touch any of the jewels yourself.” Everything is done by Amazon and all we need to do is wait for customers.

That being said, building the store itself WILL NOT get you any customers.

The next step to profitability is to get people to visit the store. The most effective way for me is to direct prospects to one specific product by writing a the product review on my blog.

Another powerful way I make money from the Amazon Stores is to write how-to articles, teaching readers how to do something, what items they need to do that thing and where on the web they can get the items.

Here’s an example…

Let’s presume you are my blog reader interested to know more about how to set up an Amazon Store and make money, I would recommend you to a highly rated book to get started…

Amazon Income: How Anyone of Any Age, Location, and/or Background Can Build a Highly Profitable Online Business With Amazon By Sharon Cohen

The above book title is hyperlinked direct to the product with this URL…

So if you click through that link and and buy the book eventually, Amazon will pay me a commission for the sale.

All I have to do now is to write more product reviews and how-to articles.

Go set up your Amazon Store now and share the link in the comment box below.


The above product link is more than just an example, I really recommend it if you really want to start an online business with Amazon Stores…
Amazon Income: How Anyone of Any Age, Location, and/or Background Can Build a Highly Profitable Online Business With Amazon By Sharon Cohen

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