How to Be Popular on Instagram

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Did you recently join Instagram, the iPhone social photo app? Do you want your photos to be featured on the “popular” page and get more followers?

I became a member of Instagram yesterday after reading that it is a fast growing social community with over 10 million users within one year.

Diving into my newly found group of mobile photographers, I discovered a common desire among members to become popular in Instagram.

So I researched articles and tips from people who have done it and summarized my findings here.

  • Give yourself a catchy username.
  • Interact actively with the community.
  • Share likes and comments with emoticons.
  • Show some personal pictures with human touch.
  • Be funny or interesting to people.
  • Post a note app screenshot with a message.
  • Post cute pictures of your cuddly pet.
  • Share your IG pics on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Submit good work regularly and be patient.
  • Improve your skills in the art of photography.
  • Take lots of pictures but post only the best.
  • Provide some information about your picture.
  • Create pictures that add value to viewer’s life.
  • Include tips and information with your images.
  • Follow others to get more followers.
  • Use a pretty or handsome or likable profile picture.
  • Lastly, celebrate and thank your followers when you are popular.


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