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I first came to know about Nyan Cat exactly one month ago when ReelSEO reported the top ten most watched YouTube videos of the year.

It is a 4-minute animated low resolution graphic cat running non-stop with a catchy never-ending music.

Then I found out that my 13 year-old kid actually knew out its existence and told me there was even a 10-HOUR version.

At the time of writing this post, there were over 60 million views on the 4-minute version and over 10 million views on the 10-hour version.

Today I stumbled upon the “Nyan Cat: Lost in Space” game in the iPhone app store. Curiously, I downloaded it.

The free game is a bit old fashioned… Like playing Super Mario… Just running in one direction… Grabbing points and avoiding obstacles.

It was addictive though… Because once in a while you get super powers… Flying faster or magnetizing objects towards you.

So I played and scored high points. Like in other apps, it allowed me to show off my score on Facebook.

SADLY, I played Nyan Cat only once because the app would not open again… It kept crashing.

Adrian Lee

PS: I wonder which came first? The game or the video?

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