Birthday Surprise from my Kids

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Arrived home late at night and noticed from far a bright pink paper stuck on our front door.

Thought it was another one of those many advertising flyers we get everyday.

On closer look, I saw a handwritten message for me. So it was written by my kids telling me to go to my room to pick up something.

“OK. Now this is going to be exciting. Looks like a treasure hunt.” I thought.

So straight into the bedroom I went and saw on my mattress 2 hand-made birthday greeting cards with another note on a bright pink paper.

The note says go to the kitchen and look into the fridge top shelf to find something that looks like a candle. Immediately, I did that, anticipating more surprises.

Inside the fridge is yet another bright pink note with “Happy Birthday Daddy!”. Beside the note is a creamy looking desert with a marshmallow candle stuck on top.

What a wonderful surprise and the best birthday present from my kids.

Adrian Lee
a proud parent

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1. Regular iPhone camera with HDR on.
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