Which Accounting Software for Singapore Businesses

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Are you one of Singapore’s business owners still using spreadsheet for accounting?

I am one of them!

We use a cloud CRM software for our business quotation, invoicing and customer management. We have not found a matching accounting software to complement it. Hence we are still tediously filling out spreadsheets to calculate profit and loss figures.

There are only a few accounting software in the market but which one is the best for Singapore businesses?

This morning at the Rendezvous meeting, a fellow business owner showcased his recommended software.

Being a professional accountant himself, Johnny Lai of Acc-Pro presented the MYOB as the accounting software tailored for the Singapore business, especially when you need to factor in GST.

MYOB software is designed for the non-accountant.

What I liked most is its ability to group customers into categories and contact them. That’s email marketing.


That’s the other thing I liked most about the software. You do not have to pay the full price. The government will help you pay part of it!

So if you are like me, a Singapore business owner still using spreadsheet for accounting because we think accounting software is expensive, wait no more… Get the government to pay part of it before they decide not to.

So contact my friend Johnny now by going to his website Acc-Pro to find out how you can get your copy of subsidized accounting software.

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