Darth Vader VolksWagon Commercial Viral Video Hit

Darth Vader VolksWagon Commercial hit 15 Million Views in 5 Days – Why?

The story caught my attention on Yahoo News Headlines.
I saw this video clip on YouTube when it was freshly featured.
The views were barely less than a thousand then.
I showed it to my kids using my iPhone. They love
5 days later, the Yahoo news reported 7 million views.
I then checked out the video again and saw 15 million views.
As I write this article, the video is now 17 million views.
That means it’s getting 2 million views a day!
This makes a good case study for my videography students.
Especially the chapter on YouTube video marketing.

Darth Vader Volkswagon VW Commercial Viral Video
Darth Vader Volkswagon VW Commercial Viral Video

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