Successfully Trained Another Batch of Basic Videography Course Students.

Look at the video they have created in just 2 days...

For 2 days I was tied up in the studio with 7 interested learners.
They were a mix of working adults and one polytechnic student.

This is one of the best lessons I have conducted.
The participants were so full of energy and ideas.

The video above was mostly their creative input working as a team.
I was only just the actor and content writer while they did the rest.

Day one was about using the camcorder and Day 2 the technique of video editing.
More than technical skills, there was also the art of creating compelling videos.

Video making skill is a requirement in most work places today,
Like knowing how to use the computer, one must know how to make a video.

I am now scheduling the next 2-day Basic Videography Course next month.
You can see the announcement at

Adrian Lee

 PS: Do you foresee video making skill becoming an essential requirement in the work place?

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