How to Overcome Butterflies in the Stomach

Hosting a business network meeting for 35 business professionals?
How to ensure the show run smoothly for the whole 90 minutes?
Can you remember your lines and say them without a glitch and naturally?

Those were the questions and more that ran through my head just before the meeting.
This is the business networking breakfast meeting of the BNI Rendezvous Chapter.
My role as the Chapter President is to chair the meeting and make sure we follow the agenda.

I have conducted such meetings before, every Friday morning, but this one was different.
This was our special Visitors Day where visitor count were more than members.
Yes, there were butterflies in my stomach the night before and right before the meeting.

I did everything I could to ensure my team and myself put on a good show.
Arranged and reminded key members to play their important role.
Discussed with our Vice President our coordinated speeches.

I went further to search online for speech templates.
Did not use the templates as they were but modified them to match my style.

We have only one thing in mind...
We want our visitors to enjoy and value the experience with us.

Five minutes before the meeting, I took 3 deep breathes, loosen up my legs and arms, and just let go.
The introduction was the rehearsed hard work.  I began with an impact.
Bang! Loud Applause. The butterflies suddenly disappeared.
I instantly became a captivating host which I did know how it happened.

After the meeting, I received appreciative comments from visitors and members.
Everything went superbly well.

I personally thanked all members that played a part.
We are indeed a great team at BNI Rendezvous!

If you are a business person, do visit us.

Adrian Lee

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How do you overcome your butterflies in the stomach?
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