Travel to Macau on Budget Tiger Airways

15 March 2010, 6.00 am : Budget Terminal Singapore
Taxi, MRT or drive to the airport?
MRT is out. Too far away to drag our luggages.
London cabs to airport cost S$45 per trip.
Normal cab won't take 5 pax and cost S$22 per trip.
Need two normal cabs to get to Changi Airport? Cost S$44.
Changi Airport carpark charges S$20 per day max.
Our trip is 4 days. So cost of carpark is S$80.
So driving to the airport was the best choice.
Parked in level 2 of Changi Airport Terminal 2.
Parked 20 steps away from the arrival hall.
Took a picture just in case I forgot where I parked.

Tiger Airways take off from the Budget Terminal.
Budget Terminal is not walking distance from Terminal 2.
Took the free shuttle bus from Terminal 2 to Budget Terminal.
Tiger airways flight number TR908 re-timed an hour later.
Re-timed due to heavy fog in Macau.

Nothing better to do in Budget Terminal except check in and wait.
We had our breakfast and free flow of hot coffee at MacDonalds.

15 March 2010, 9.40 am : Singapore to Macau
Tiger Airways TR908 took off  for Macau.
4 hour flight without entertainment and food.
No worries. We brought snacks. Just ordered water.
For me. It's a great time to catch up with my reading.
Just a few minutes ago, I downloaded a free ebook.
An ebook on "Sun Tzu Art of War" translated in English.
Wow! What a book! Now I know what's missing in my business.
Read the ebook all the way to Macau International Airport.

Macau, here we come!
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