How to Fix a Leaky Tap at Home in 15 Minutes

I am a handy Daddy for the day...  A D-I-Y plumber.  The kitchen sink tap had been leaking for a month.  Did not have time to fix it till today.  I thought it was going to be a chore and considered hiring a professional plumber. However being in a good mood today, I decided to do it myself... with the help of wife and two kids. Everything was done in 15 minutes.

1. Took a picture of leaky tap with my Samsung Omnia 2.
A picture paints a thousand words. So taking a picture is easier than explaining what type of tap we need. The Samsung Omnia 2 came in handy for such purpose.

2. Walked to the hardware shop downstairs to show the picture.
The hardware shop is conveniently located a few steps from our home.  The decision was quick. There wasn't much choice of models to select except one.

3. Bought a similar tap at S$22.
Wife asked if they have the old kind of tap that last longer.  They said they don't make such a thing anymore.  Add S$30 if we hire their plumber to fix.

4. Turned off main water supply to the house with a spanner.
The main water tap to the house was located on the ground floor... accessible to the public!  There were four, each leading to a different household... and there were no markings nor labels.  With the help of my younger kid, we shut off the wrong mains.  If anyone in that household was showering, I am sorry.  The next tap we shut was ours.

5. Unscrewed the old leaky tap from wall pipe.
This was easy, though the kids were impressed.   The kids are easily impressed when hero daddy does extraordinary stuff.

6. Applied white tape on new tap joint.
This was my idea.  We had some white tape and it will be a good idea to use it at the joint to ensure a tight fit.  This was not my first time fixing a tap anyway.

7. Screwed on the new tap with a little force.
As always, taps never align properly after screwing it completely.  Had to use a spanner to force the joint a little more to make a perfect alignment.

8. Turned on main water supply.
In the spirit of trying new things, my younger kid insisted that she open the tap.  I guided her tiny hands as she handled the heavy-weight spanner.

9. Modified the thimble for better water flow.
This was wife's idea.  The new tap seem to have a weak water flow pressure. So wife removed the thimble from the tip of the tap, poked bigger holes on it and walla! Done.

When you have a leaky tap (faucet) to fix, don't call me.  Do it yourself. It's easy.  Impress your kids, your wife and yourself.

Happy weekend!
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