The New Apple "iPad" - the Amazon Kindle Killer?

Just my opinion. The new Apple iPad is lame!

The new Apple iPad is just a bigger but crippled version of the iPhone.

It cannot even be compared with a laptop.

So far away from a netbook.

Where's the camera? Where's the webcam?

At only up to 64GB memory, video editing is not recommended.

Whatever the iPad can do, the iPhone can do even better.

I would still go for the iPhone.

I am not going to carry around the iPad just to shuffle photos and watch YouTube videos.

If I want the bigger screen, I would just get the macbook or even a PC netbook.

I am sure Steve Jobs will come up with a better version of iPad. One with built in camera and higher memory space for video editing. I will buy that immediately.

For now, the new Apple iPad is just a pumped up digital photo frame or just serious Amazon Kindle Killer.

Just my opinion.

Adrian Lee

Steve Jobs introducing the iphoneImage by Steve Rhodes via Flickr
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