How to Create Fake Miniature Photos with the Tilt Shift Lens Effect

Have been toying around with creating fake miniature photos.
In this blog I will explain how I did it.

First take a look at some photos I have done...

Fake Miniature Toy Houses with Tiny Solar Power Panels.

Fake Miniature Toy Boats in the BathTub.

Fake Miniature Stones in a Bonsai Pot.

"Fake Miniature" means it's actually the real thing that's made to look like a tiny model or plastic toy.

Now, look at the original REAL photos which I took myself with my Samsung Omnia 2.

Here's how to create Fake miniatures from real Photos.
(This works only with photos taken from high angle)

1. Create a gaussian gradient blur mask.
2. Select upper portion of image to blur.
3. Select lower portion of image to blur.
4. Ensure the subject remains clear.
5. Enhance colours to look as bright as toys.

That's it!

Actually... the secret is to use

Enjoy! ...& Happy Holidays!

Adrian Lee
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