Compare Panasonic AG-HPX170 with HMC150 While Having Beer

Enjoyed bubbly Carlsberg beer served in wine glass.
Thanks to Panasonic at Broadcast Asia 2009.
Caught up with old Panasonic colleagues and media friends.
Most importantly, compared the HPX172 and HMC152.

Panasonic Pro AG-HPX170 3CCD P2 High-Definition Camcorder w/10x Optical ZoomvsPanasonic Pro AGHMC150PJ 3CCD AVCHD 24fps Camcorder

First, the HPX172 and HMC152 are the PAL version of the NTSC counterparts HPX170 and HMC150.

Then there is the in-betweens HPX171 and HMC151 that can switch between PAL and NTSC.

When it comes to HD video recording, I think NTSC is better because it is 30fps instead of 25fps, while width and height are both the same at 1920 by 1080 pixels.

The Panasonic HPX172 and HMC152 look exactly the same, except for the P2 and AVCCAM logos.

HPX172 records on expensive P2 cards in DV, DVCPRO and DVCPRO HD formats.

HMC152 records on widely available SDHC cards in AVCHD format, no SD.

Both have very wide 28mm lens. No need to buy adaptors.

Both have good low light performance. No undesirable CMOS grainy effect.

Looks like Panasonic finally beat their closest competitors.

For me, the Panasonic AVCCAM AG-HMC151 (ntsc/pal) is the way to go.

Why? I have clients from both ntsc and pal countries . Most of my seminar shoots last the whole day and only the AVCCAM can handle that.

Adrian Lee
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