4 Steps to Video Editing On-the-Fly

This is a picture of my old but trusty video editing Acer laptop.

Though it has Sony Vegas Pro 8, I am using Vegas 4 for speedier delivery.

I am in a little dark corner of a room with a cup of hot tea, editing the video of a training workshop which is going on right now.

Video editing on the fly is required when client wants to watch the video at the end of the day.

Here are 4 steps to produce a video quickly:
  1. Plan the video sequence: Study the event program. Rearrange the sequence to form an interesting storyline. Start and end with a bang. Leave the light moments in between. Draw a flow chart on paper.
  2. Shoot for edit: With the video sequence flow chart on hand, shoot the video exactly how you want the shot to appear. Take extra footages for more choice. Cover at least 3 main shots: wide, mid and close-up.
  3. Edit ruthlessly: Editing takes up the most time. Select your best shots quickly and cut away the rest. Pre-layout the video sequence using text clips. Slot in the visuals when you have them. Sony Vegas Pro is great at doing on-the-fly editing.
  4. Render as AVI... and save it in a thumb drive: Since the video will be played on projection screen. Render it at its best quality instead of converting to a DVD. Play it straight from a laptop.

OK, back to work I go. I am writing and posting this blog to test the public wifi connection here. :)

Adrian Lee

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