Bedtime Stories for Children Online

DAZZLE STICKERS STAR POWER 75-PKI discovered a perfect website with bedtime stories for kids.
The stories are not the usual fairy tales about kings and princesses.
They are imaginative and humorous, yet simple to understand.
The author weaves the stories cleverly that sets kids imagining.

I, the reading father, sometimes burst out laughing hysterically.
These stories are not meant to lull kids to sleep but to "laugh" them tired.
If you are a father like me with kids from age 5 to 11 years old,
I recommend this website to you,

Gordon Dioxide. Dioxide?The author's name itself makes the kids laugh.
They keep equating it to "Carbon Dioxide"!

There are 19 stories, though I hope there'll be more.

Adrian Lee

PS: I read to my kids bedtime stories from the internet using my GPRS connected O2 XDA II PDA. (So that I can sit beside them instead of at the computer desk)

PPS: So far, I have read these titles - Interesting Broccoli, Don't Panic!, Land of Fantastic Names and Becky and George. One story per night.
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