What Everybody Ought to Know About Adrian's Personal Life

Adrian.VideoLANE.net to Include Adrian’s Personal Blogs

I am cracking my head whether to blog personal stuff other than Videography and DVD Production.


My life is currently revealed in bits and pieces across facebook, twitter, blogspot and MSN.

Maintaining several blogs can be tiring and you lose focus when nothing is happening in that area of life.

Sometimes they overlap and you have to decide which one to write on.

Writing every topic in one blog is going against what Internet Marketing Gurus have taught me.

So I checked out some famous blogs and another blog with the same question.

My decision? I will experiment for 3 months blogging everything here, in http://adrian.videolane.net.

My personal life is made up of a wide variety of topics, including social networking, raising kids, maintaining a car, managing real estate, building a business, internet marketing and more.

I will only blog the positive and the best experience.

This will be a web log for myself, for my family, friends, business associates and readers like yourself! :)

Adrian Lee

Blog - http://Adrian.VideoLane.net
Products - http://VideoLANE.net
Service - http://VideoLane.com

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