How To Open PowerPoint PPTX Files

How To Open PowerPoint PPTX Files And Convert To PPT

Have you been emailed a .pptx file and cannot open it with your Powerpoint 2003. How do you open the .pptx file in your version of powerpoint? Is there a PPTX viewer? I discovered these valuable links today when I couldn’t open my daughter’s science presentation project.Killer Presentation Skills

PPTX file extension

MS PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

.pptx files are created using Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2007+ application. The .pptx file format is a newer version of the original PowerPoint .ppt format. PowerPoint is mostly used for displaying digital slides during business and educational presentations. It is also widely used for displaying picture slideshows shared by email.

To create/open a .pptx file, you will need PowerPoint 2007 (part of Microsoft Office suite) or PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

How To Convert PPTX TO PPT…

… so that you can open it on your Powerpoint 2003.

Convert “pptx” files generated by Office 2007 to a variety of different formats, including “ppt” (enabling you to view and edit your presentations in older versions of Microsoft Office) and “odp” (allowing you to use OpenOffice).

Convert pptx files to ppt here.

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