Build An Instant Movie in 6 Easy Steps

Build-A-Video Workshop, Where Instant Movies Are Made


My 10 year old daughter celebrated her birthday over the Easter weekend. What she wanted was a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Being ignorant of kids stores around town, I thought Build-A-Bear Workshop was just another toy shop. By co-incidence while reading the financial news about Bear Stearns, I discovered Build-A-Bear Workshop is listed on New York Stock Exchange at a whopping $9 per share (rounded off).

I thought: “How can a teddy bear shop make so much money?”. I brought my daughter to a nearby outlet to find out… and to build her the bear.

The store was buzzing. There were mainly 3 types of customers. Parents buying for kids. Boyfriends buying for girlfriends. Girls buying for themselves. The staff were cheery bubbly teen girls bouncing around the store like they will never run out of batteries.

Dollar signs appeared in front of my eyes. It is a novelty store. You actually build from scratch a bear or any animal stuff toy. Choose skin, stuff it, add sound, add heart, stitch it, fluff it, clothe it, name it and finally print it a birth certificate. The system is simple yet perfectly engrossing. I want to own a franchise.

Stop dreaming! I have a videography service business to manage.

BUT WAIT! What if I could modify and apply the novelty concept to my video making business? Let’s call it…


Welcome… follow these steps to make your very own instant movie.

Step #1: Choose Concept.

Would you like to make a greeting video, an infomercial, a commercial, a marketing video, a product video, a news video, a how-to video or a viral video? Basically think about these 3 questions: What is your message? Who is your audience? How long will it be?

Step #2: Write Script.

Write your message line by line. Start with an introduction of what you are going to say. Then say all that you want to say. Conclude the script by summarizing what you have just said.

Step #3: Choose Visuals.

Look at a wide range of available stock image photos and stock footage videos. Search for ten or more relevant clips that will convey your message step by step. Cannot find what you want? Record your own with a camcoder.

Step #4: Choose Audio.

Listen to samples of royalty-free music. Choose two to three that will bring out the mood of your video. Optionally choose special sound effects, add a professional voice over or record your own voice. Read your written script.

Step #5: Add Text.

Type in your message to emphasize the points. Make short phrases. Choose the right fonts. Make font size big enough to read, minimum 18 points. Contrast font colors with the background. Optionally, include a title in front and a credit at the end. Be sure to put your name somewhere so people know it is your video.

Step #6: Assemble Video.

Before processing the final video, view through it 3 to 5 times. Feel the flow. Observe for perfection. Is it good enough to convey your message? Ask someone else to view it and give feedback. Happy? Render, process, assemble your very own movie.

After making your video, share it. Put it online. Duplicate it on DVDs.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Build-A-Video Workshop. Do come back again if you want to make another video or add more stuff to your current one. See you! :)

Adrian Lee

PS: Making video is so easy now if you know how. There is a software that does all of the above. It is so cheap and so easy to use. It is Ulead VideoStudio, download here.

PPS: Don’t have time to make your own video? Still stuck in one of the six easy steps above? Outsource it to a professional videographer, click here.

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