Installing And Testing Sony Cinescore on Vegas7

Now on to the next installation. I bought Sony Cinescore with Vegas7. Will it be better than Smart Sound? Let me find out by playing around.

  1. Insert Sony Cinescore Installation CD and Click "INSTALL CINESCORE SOFTWARE".
  2. The process takes less than 2 minutes.
  3. Run Vegas7 and drop into the timeline a video clip for testing.
  4. Right click on the audio track and select "Insert Generated Music...".
  5. Type in serial number for Sony Cinescore. Register online.
  6. Play around with some settings... themes and variations.
  7. Install the 2 theme packs bundled with the purchase of Cinescore... High Tech World and The Ideal Vacation.
  8. Themes installation takes slightly more than 5 minutes per CD.
  9. Test in Vegas7.
  10. Everything is OK!

How is Smart Sound compared with Cinescore? When it comes to variations, Cinescore has more. However if I want a music track done quickly , I will choose Smart Sound for its simplicity.

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