Two Months of Not Too Quiet Festival of Hungry Ghosts.

Today, 22nd September 2006, marks the end of 2 SOLID MONTHS of Hungry Ghost Festival. Very unusual.

Many friends and associates showed concern for my business, as we all know that there are no weddings during this festival.

No wedding shoots. No business. NOT TRUE.

The two months fared better than any other months. We were busy with overlapping assignments of corporate videography (marketing videos, award ceremonies, industrial construction and my favourite... seminars).

I had to hire freelance to help me out.

Some of the jobs got so me so stressed up that I had to fall ill.

But one thing I enjoyed best... My weekends were free!

Yes, free weekends means outings with the kids. The kids are growing up really fast. Better enjoy cherish their sweet innocence before they become teenagers. This is the life I missed.

You know what? I may not be keen to go back into wedding videography again.

Life happen only once. Kids will be kids only once.

Here is a typical weekend for a wedding videographer... he wakes up early in the morning (6am or earlier, Singapore weddings start too early) sees the kids sleeping in bed, kiss them on the cheeks without their knowing, then creeps out to work. The Wedding continues into the banquet at night. Wedding Banquet ends 11pm or later (typical Singapore wedding dinner). Videographer returns home. Sees the kids still in bed sleeping...

You get the picture?

I may be training someone to take over my reign.

Adrian Lee
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