Back to Work... Catch a Play!

Back to work... Feeling dazed... Holiday hang-over... Piles of backlog editing to be completed...

Then a last minute request for a shoot.

I had the honour to preview the final rehearsal of "Play on Earth". The transcontinental world premiere of Station House Opera’s major new work, opening across the globe tomorrow, a work that in every literal sense transcends time and space.

This first time, three-continent work is a collaboration between Station House Opera (UK), TheatreWorks (Singapore) and Philarmonia Brasileira (Brazil).

This is a MUST SEE production.

I was captivated by how the actors interact and perform live with each other from 3 far-away continents. Thanks to internet broadband videoconferencing technology, this play is made possible.

I was more impressed by the fine work and steady hands of the live video camera man, which I think play a very important role. He is the one that control what the audience see. The cameraman is always visible on the stage too.

I have a feeling I will be doing something like this in the near future, if this new concept picks up.

Anyway, this is part of the Singapore Arts Festival 2006, running from 15 June 2006 to 25 June 2006. Go GET your tickets to the show now...

I will be there this Saturday 17 June 2006 4pm.

See you there!
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