The Bull is Running. Time to Get Back Into Stock Market Investment.

The news is hot now. The outlook for the stock market is extremely positive. Especially in Tech Stocks.

But I have not been monitoring the market for three years. What do I know which counter to enter?

So google-searched the web for guides, tips and tricks.

Finally, I found what I was looking for!

A Stock Market Analysis Free Software that will scan all the index stocks in the market and alert me with Buy/Sell Signals!

No need scan through each counter individually anymore. It's all done by the computer in a few seconds.

The program is based on established proven Technical Analysis.

I showed this to my neighbour. He is a financial guy in training. He was impressed but would rather stick to his Warren Buffet style of long term stock market investing based on studying and reading the companies' fundamentals.

For me, I am looking for short term quick profits. The computer will do all the studying, reading and analysis. Automatically and quickly.

A word of caution though from my friend. Buy only the companies you know and prepare a defence strategy for backup.

Here is what I found.

Stock Market Analysis Free Software:

M7 X3.5 Stock Forecaster



And best among the lot, my favourite...

Amazing Stock Trend Signal Software

This is what they say:
"In the real estate market, it is all about LOCATION! LOCATION!! LOCATION!!! In the stock market, it is TREND! TREND!! TREND!!! Trend is our good friend, so never be a hero to fight against stock trend." - >
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