At Last, Heely's Roller Shoes!

Made a promise in the beginning of the year to get Cheryl a pair of Heely's roller shoes if she achieve top 3 in class.

She wanted it badly.

Never thought I will have to spend that money, but she got third in class for her mid-year exams.

A promise is a promise a good father shall keep.

(Actually wanted to get her an imitation, but could hardly find a store that sells them these days. The fad may be fading.)

Anyway the original Heely store still exist at Great World City. So off we went to get a pair.

I asked the store keeper for the difference between the original Heely roller shoe and the cheaper copycat roller shoe.

Here's the difference:
  • The sole is made of the same tough rubber they use to make airplane tyres.
  • The wheel is rubber and not plastic.
  • There is a thick protective liner in the shoe to for heel comfort.
  • The whole shoe itself is tougher and padded to reduce injury.

It's my daughter's feet. She deserves it. Original and safe.

Got a pair 3cm longer than her feet so that she will grow with it. Black with pink stripes. S$209.

It comes with an instructional VCD, an extra pair of lace and a free Heely cap.

I will get one myself too! ...When I achieve top 3 in something.

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