How to Create an Online Course

  1. Choosing the topic
    1. Ask readers: What do you want to know more about (blank)?
  2. Naming the course
    1. Name is not important.
    2. The hook is more important.
  3. Crafting the hook
    1. What will happen if reader take action.
    2. "step-by-step systems", "how to" information, "Blueprint", "System", etc.
    3. A specific outcome that solves a specific problem.
    4. Stuff you already know and have your own results.
  4. Creating the course
    1. Break down process step by step
    2. Create slide modules with voice
    3. Create screen video recording
    4. Interviews or interrogations with experts
    5. Add Bonus materials like resource guide, templates, etc.
  5. Uploading the course
    1. Use Wordpress for more control vs Udemy
    2. Try -
  6. Marketing the course
    1. Exchange a free giveaway for emails.
    2. Email 3 more free valuable content.
    3. Then email the pitch to sell course.
    4. Drive traffic to the giveaway page.
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