Must Watch - OK Go - I Won’t Let You Down

Best ever! Ok Go never fail to surprise me.
Is this 100% real? Or is it a mix of green screen and animation?
One thing for sure, it takes a lot of practice…
…And clever/creative use of the flying camera drone.

How did they do it?

  • 2328 umbrellas
  • 1 camera drone (UAV)
  • 1 continuous shoot 
  • 2.6 million YouTube views in 1 day
  • 1 month rehearsal
  • 4 days to film
  • 44 takes / 11 complete routine / 3 takes ok
  • manual and GPS-controlled
  • 700m (half a mile) up in the final scene 
  • actual movement in slow mo, sped up in edit 
  • released on Oct. 27, 2014
  • created in Chiba, Japan, outside of Tokyo
  • Japanese director Morihiro Harano
  • Multi-Copter Pilot Kenji Yasuda
  • featuring J-pop band Perfume as production crew at the start
  • featuring Honda scooter chairs - UNI-CUBs
  • and the 4 brilliant American Ok Go talents

Adrian Lee


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