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MacBook Pro Built-in Internal Microphone Location

Where is the built-in internal microphone on the MacBook Pro Retina 15?
There's two of them and both are situated inside the left speaker vent.

The dual built-in microphones are designed tor educe background noise from behind the notebook. The also create an adaptive audio beam that intelligently adjusts to detect your voice — instead of the noise around you.
Adrian Lee

How to Make a Quad Split Screen in Adobe Premiere Elements

A "quad split screen" is a video showing four clips at the same time and here's how it's done in Adobe Premiere Elements.

I have already imported the four video clips into Premiere Elements.Drag the first video clip from Project Assets panel onto Video 1 track in the timeline.Drag the second clip to Video 2 track.Drag the third clip to Video 3.Drag the forth clip onto the empty space above the Video 3 track. Drop it there and the Video 4 track is automatically created.
Note: The higher track will cover the lower tracks, so you cannot see the clips below.Trim the four clips to the same duration.Select the clip on Video 4 by clicking on it.Open Applied Effects panel on the right.Open Motion tab.Change the Scale to 50%.Move the video clip in the preview monitor to one corner.
Note: If you cannot see anything in the preview monitor, place the playhead somewhere in the middle of the clips.Repeat steps 7 to 11 for the other 3 clips.Align the clips so there are no gaps in bet…

GoPro Hero4 Quick Summary

Here's a Quick Summary of the new GoPro Hero4 (watch the video). Released 3 October 20143 models - 2 high-end and 1 budget 170-degree wide angle lensHero4 Black - 4k, 30fps, 1080p 120fps, no more roller shutter effect. US$499Hero4 Silver - 2.7K, 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 720p 120fps, touch screen,  US$399Both waterproof to 131 feet, includes wifi and bluetooth for easy transfers, and can take 12MP stills.Entry level GoPro Hero - 1080p, 30fps, 720p 60fps,  US$129 Why I like the GoPro Hero4

Not just for shooting action anymoreCan shoot places where I wouldn’t put my smartphone camera. e.g. underwater.Designed to be rugged, so I can experiment with it. e.g. hook it to my fishing line.

Adrian Lee

How to Clear Cache Memory in Premiere Pro CC

After editing several projects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the available memory space on your computer will seem to reduce very quickly.  One way to solve this is to remove temporary files created by Premiere Pro.
Go to Preferences.Select Media.Click on Clean under Media Cache Database.

Adrian Lee

How to Turn Your Room into a Video Studio

Want to shoot more videos in a shorter time frame?  Turn your meeting room, conference room or bedroom into a permanent video recording studio.
Choose a solid coloured wall as background.Do not use real or fake plants as background. Use 2 or 3 standing video lights. Implement 3-point lighting Technique.Avoid overhead lights as it creates nasty shadows on the face. Use wireless microphones like the Sennheiser EW 112P G3.Watch out for humming noise coming from air conditioners and heating fan.  Leave your studio set up where they are, so you can use them over and over. Do you have a similar setup or going to set up one?  Please share.
Adrian Lee

Six U.S. Video Production Companies Allowed to Use Drones

U.S. aviation regulatorsallowed six  movie and TV companies to use drones for commercial  video production.

DJI Phantom
The six photo and video production companies will be exempt from Federal Aviation Administration ban for commercial use of drones provided...
The aircraft weighs 25kg or less.  Used within sight of the remote pilot. The pilot must hold a private pilot's license. Flown under 120m in altitude. Flown within the confines of the production set. There is money in drones according to Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International... The drone industry would create at least 70,000 jobs in the first three years.This would generate nearly US$14 billion in economic activity. It's time to learn how to fly... a drone.
Adrian Lee


Removing Background Air-conditioner Noise from Interview Video Recording

This week I recorded a video interview at my client's office.
The chosen meeting room was isolated from the office noise except for the Aircon blower inside.
I could lower the fan speed but cannot totally turn it off.
What's left is to reduce the noise during editing.
Here's how I did it with Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition... Drop the raw video footage onto the timeline in Premiere Pro.Change both audio channels to the right (because the wireless mic is connected to the right channel audio input, while the left is the on-camera mic as backup)Right-click on the audio of the video clip.Select Edit Clip in Adobe Audition. Adobe Audition will open.
Inside Adobe Audition, select a range of the clip where there is no other sound except the aircon noise. Right-click on the range and select Capture Noise Print. Select the whole audio clip. Go to main menu and select Effects > Noise Reduction / Restoration > Noise Reduction (process).
Tweak the settings inside the Noise Reduc…

The Real Bird's Eye View Over Paris by Sony Action Cam Mini

All I can think of is WOW... and HOW they strapped the Sony Action Cam Mini onto the eagle.

New Trace Animation Effect in Apple Keynote

Apple released the new Keynote in October 2014, in line with its new OS X Yosemite.

What got me curious is its new Trace Animation effect.

I created a Keynote presentation slide to test the new Trace Animation.

On a slide, insert a text box with texts, and go to Animate on the top right.Click Add an Effect under Build In tab.Scroll down all the way under Special Effects till you see Trace.Click on Trace. Enjoy the the cool trace effect. To see exactly how it traces, slow it down by increasing the duration.
You can use the effect bullet point by bullet point.  Select By Paragraph under Delivery.
Trace animation works on shapes too, but not on tables, charts and media.
Try it yourself and let me know what you think.
Adrian Lee

GoPro Melts While Flying Too Close to Volcano

GoPro Crashes into Cliff While Returning

Vertical Video Syndrome - A PSA

Plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro

Red Giant: Red Giant delivers Production-proven special effects tools for digital video & film professionals. Plug-ins built for Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro and more. CoreMelt - Visual Effects Plugins for FCP X, AE, Premiere Pro and Motion for Mac OS X. Plugins for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion. http://fxfactory.comMotionVFX: Original Home of Apple Motion Templates & FCPX Plugins. Plugins, filters and templates for Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion.

Will it Blend? - iPhone 6 Plus

How to Convert Text File to Keynote Slides on Mac

It is easy to convert tabbed or bullet point texts to slides using Microsoft PowerPoint.

However, with Keynote on a Mac, it works differently.

I made this video to show how texts can be converted easily to Keynote Slides in seven steps.


Adrian Lee

Downloading Premiere Elements 13 Trial on Mac

Here’s how to download the 30-day trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 13.

There will be a watermark in the middle of every video imported and exported.

Learn how to edit your business video with it and if you like it, purchase it.

Adrian Lee


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15 Points About Windows 10 Technical Preview

30 September 2014, Tuesday, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 in San FranciscoWhy is it not called Windows 9? To show how big the changes are.Works on all hardware from PCs to tablets to smartphones to embedded productsAimed at business users.  Consumer features will be discussed later.Tries to combine the familiarity of Windows 7 with the colourful interface of Windows 8.No more toggling apps between desktop mode and tile mode. Not just for touch screens anymore, but also for mice and keyboards.Not giving up on touch.  The Charms are still available but with experiential change.You can create multiple virtual desktops like what Mac OS X can do.A “continuum” UI feature for two-in-one PCs to switch between tablet and laptop modes.Snaps four apps on one screen, like Windows 7 can snap two.Developers will get ONE application platform to write apps for the entire product family.Release date will be around middle of 2015 after Microsoft Build conference.Until then, this is not the final versio…

How to Write an Effective Promotional Video Script - The Structure

What do you want your viewer to do after watching the video?

How do you get your viewer to do what you want them to do?

Aka… How to improve conversion.

1. Use the right target desire of your target audience. 
Q1 Is the desire big enough? 5 things: need, want, desire, problem, frustration.
Q2 Is the desire persistent? eg. food, health, travel, cars, beauty,
Q3 Are there enough people in the world with the same desire?

2. The right video structure or an effective script.  Leads viewer all the way to take action.
Structure 1. AIDCA attention interest desire conviction action.
Structure 2.  Why, what, how, what if (scenarios and case studies), now (call to action).
Structure 3.  SPIN selling. For face to face selling. Situation, problem, …

===THE GIST of it all===
Gideon Structure (GS).
GS1. Target Audience / problem match. Tell viewer about the problem to qualify the match.
GS2. Problem / Solution match. Build an intriguing story / experience. From pain to discovering the solution.
GS3. Ma…

How to Grow Your Email Subscriber List Fast

I noted and applied these valuable subscriber growing tips from Aweber today…
Create content that is engaging, interesting, easy to read,  audience-centric and unique to your brand/personality.Offer valuable incentives, freebies, exclusive content, and items that directly benefit the subscriber.Be mobile friendly, by using short headlines, brief information and a sign up box optimised for mobile screens.Use pop-up sign up box, try free List Builder , works with AWeber.Show you email pop-up 5 minutes after visit and show again frequently (by the minute) per visitor.Use powerful headlines in pop-up sign up boxes…Join over XXX subscribers!Do you love where you live?Want Marketing Hacks?Get your free newsletterSubscribe for specials on all apparel!You just won 5% OFF + free shipping!Get my 7 tips ebook to better videography.Use a RED summit button.Us these word on the submit button…Send me free tips!Subscribe NowGet great stuffI’m in!Count me in >>…