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Selling a 10 Year Old Car in Singapore

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Should I sell or scrap or renew my 10 year old 1.6L Kia Spectra. Renewal was definitely out. COE was sky high! Close to S$100k for paper!What’s left was to sell or scrap, but…- Should I scrap the car myself or pay someone to do it?
- Should I sell it to a car dealer or an exporter dealer?
- Should I just buy another car and trade in this one?The answer was immediately settled when SgCarmart called me on 4 Mar 2013.In this post, I journal my experience and take-aways.
This is the last picture of my car on 11 Mar 2013. First, some facts and figures. VEHICLE INFORMATIONTaken from LTA website.
Vehicle Type: Passenger Motor Car
Make / Model: KIA / SPECTRA 1.6A
Primary Colour: Blue
Year of Manufacture: 2002
Engine Capacity: 1594 cc
Propellant: Petrol
Passenger Capacity: 4
Original Registration Date: 27 Mar 2003
First Registration Date: 27 Mar 2003
Open Market Value: $12,788.00

Friday Food Frenzy is Gong Gong

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Today’s food adventure with Stella was at the freshly renovated Changi Village. Very airy. Stella’s favorite stores were either not there anymore or moved to another spot. So we settled for what we guessed were the favorite stores. There was the Hokkien Prawn Noodle. Then there was the mutton cheese Roti John. I saw other people pushing sticks into shells and pulling out mouth-watering pieces. The Gong Gong. Ordered one plate. S$10 for 20 shells. Steamed in tinfoil. Very hard to extract the meat at first. Soon I mastered the skill. Chewy and springy, it felt good to bite. The Gong Gong made my day. After dinner, we walked to a nearby pub restaurant. Ordered one Erdinger beer and enjoyed the Friday atmosphere till midnight. Adrian Lee

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Used DVD Duplicator in Black Casing

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This item is sold.

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Applying for HDB Home Office Scheme License

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THE QUEST: - I want to use my hdb home address for business.
- I want to use my hdb home as a home office.THE 2 SCHEMES: - Home Office Scheme.
- Home Based Small Scale Business Scheme.HOME OFFICE SCHEME: - The address can be used for business registration.
- Must install one 2-kg ABC Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher to the office area.
- Must install one single-station smoke detector in the office area.
- Allows a maximum of 2 non-residents staff.
- Owner-occupied concessionary property tax rate continues to apply.
- All business income earned are subject to income tax.
- An administration fee of $20 is required.
- The approval granted is valid for 5 years.
- HDB will send the renewal notification. HOME BASED SMALL SCALE BUSINESS SCHEME: - No employment of staff.
- Address cannot be used for business registration.
- No approval …

Password Protect a Directory in a Hostgator Website

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I found another way to deliver huge video files over the Internet privately and in high definition… using my Hostgator website. I needed to send the raw video footage of last weekend’s shoot to the client quickly. I wanted to send the video in high definition without compressing to smaller file size. I wanted to maintain privacy without going though a third party service. I wanted speed. So I decided to use my Hostgator website to deliver the goods. Why Hostgator website? I have other web hosting providers, but they restrict uploading speeds. Uploading videos to Hostgator website is as fast as uploading to YouTube. Uploading files to other web hosts, like Bluehost, Godaddy and Yahoo Business Web, are as slow as Vimeo.How?- Login into your Hosgator cPanel and click on the Subdomain icon, found under Domains.- Create a Subdomain. If you are running WordPress on the main domain, yo…