Top Angry Bird Funny Videos on YouTube

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Are you an Angry Bird Fan?

I became one 3 months back.

Just the other day, as I was taking a break from work, I searched YouTube on my iPhone for “Angry Birds”.

I was looking for more entertaining Angry Bird trailers by Rovio.

Instead I found very interesting videos made by other people.

Here are the top 3 Angry Bird videos worth mentioning.


A TV comedy clip from Israel.  A failed truce between the birds and the pigs… “Angry Birds Peace Treaty “. Watch the language and the subtitles…

The happy Angry Birds song calmed the situation at one point! Nice. Over 10 million views!


Talking about real live Angry Birds, here’s one with real exploding pigs… “T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

I could almost feel the excitement of being there at the live event.  The Angry Birds song played by a live band! Over 9 million views!


Talking about the song, do you know the lyrics?  Take a listen… “The Angry Birds Rap -- Official Video

Want to get the full lyrics? Go to its YouTube video page… Over 2 million views!

So I hope you enjoyed the videos as much as I did.


Adrian Lee

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