Burmese Laksa vs Singapore Laksa

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This Friday’s food is the Burmese Laksa aka Myanmar Laksa.

I know Singapore Laksa and Penang Laksa but I have never heard of the Burmese Laksa. So this is my first time tasting it at the Kopitiam Vivocity Singapore.

First look, the gravy is less reddish compared with my favorite Singapore Laksa. It is more of a light yellow.

First taste, very thick coconut milk flavor. Texture is just as thick. Immediately reminds me of the green Thai curry.

How spicy is the gravy? I would rate 1 out of 10, 10 being extreme spicy and 1 being just starting to get spicy.

Raw onions, also my favorite, made the dish more exciting. Raw onions are not found in the Singapore Laksa.

The noodle is a let down. I was expecting the thick white vermicelli noodle. Instead it was the regular yellow noodle.

Overall I enjoyed the Burmese Laksa as a dish on it’s own. It cannot be compared with the Singapore Laksa because they are entirely different.

The next time I come back here I am going to try the Kelantan Laksa and the Sarawak Laksa. Never heard of them too.

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