Help Japan and Learn from the Experts at the Same Time…

Saddened by the recent disaster in Japan, a group of trainers have joined ‘voices’ to conduct over 40 hours of content-rich LIVE workshops in Singapore to help raise money to help the affected.
The workshops were filmed on video for sale online to raise more funds.
  • How To Maximize Your iPad (and iPhone) For Productivity, Knowledge And Fun! Trainer: Roger Loh
  • Building Websites with WordPress Trainer: George Cheong
  • How to Teach So Your Child Can Truly Learn and Achieve His/Her Capabilities Trainer: Leny Painan
  • Detoxifying Your Body For Great Health Trainer: Veronica Lim
  • Caring For Your Voice Trainer: Iris Koh
  • 3 Simple Ways To Increase Sales Trainer: James Wee
  • Optimize Your Website for First Page Google!Trainer: K C Tan
  • Profiting from the Forex, Stock Index and Commodity Markets Trainer: Clarence Chee
  • 10 Tools You Should Have For Windows 7 To Increase Your Productivity! Trainer: Chan Kum Chee
  • How To Get More Traffic To Your Website Trainer: Stephen Kok
  • Master MS Word Basics In 3 Hours Trainer: Lee Peiru
…some of these speakers are professional trainers and some are not! In fact, they are so good in their field that they don’t even teach at all but were asked to share their closely guarded secrets despite their busy schedule.
So… We hope you will take this opportunity to learn something useful while contributing to a good cause together with the team of trainers and volunteers.
Adrian Lee
Check out the videos now… Finally! You Can Help Japan AND Learn From The Experts…
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