Shoot HD Video with the Canon 5D Mark II

Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIn a dimly lit reception counter just outside the wedding ballroom, I threw 3 rose petals under the table, which was of course in the shadow (very dark).

Without lights, my Sony HDR-FX7 could not see anything, totally dark.

My assistant’s Sony VX2000 DV camcorder could at least boost the gain to reveal the rose petals, BUT with plenty of grains.

The Canon 5D Mark II did the job really well. The rose petals were brilliant red and in perfect contrast with the surrounding shadows. Best of all, there were no noticeable grains. You may need to zoom in to the picture to see the grains, but that’s fine for video.

Yes, no flash was used.

Canon 5D Mark II Video Sample Review

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