How To Put Video On Your Website…

How To Put Video On Your Website…

Whether you like it or not, a new kind of internet is here.

A “videoized” internet.

Ten years ago, video was not common on the internet. But today, video is becoming a standard for websites. (Want proof? Google bought YouTube, the online video sharing site, for $1.65 billion in stock!)

What does this mean for YOU?

You must ask yourself if you are going to keep up with the new “video” standard.

Because if you do, you are going to make EASY PROFITS. You see, your customers are READY for online video right now. They’ve been exposed to the idea already through sites like YouTube and other video sharing sites. And they like it.

All you have to do now is start using online video. And there’s a super-useful software tool that is going to help you do that. It’s called VideoWebWizard 2.0.

VideoWebWizard 2.0 is computer software program that allows you to quickly and almost effortlessly convert videos in to web format so that you can put them on your website.

For example, let’s say you have a video that you want to put on your website - a video from a webcam that you want to put on a sales letter, for example.

But… how do you put it on website?

That’s where VideoWebWizard 2.0 comes in. VideoWebWizard has a simple wizard functionality that takes a regular video file and converts it into Flash video (FLV) web format.

Sound neat? Here’s where you can get more information…

If you’ve been putting off using video on your website because you thought it was too hard, time-consuming, and so on, VideoWebWizard is going to unlock the power of web video for your business or website.

Because, you see, when visitors land on your website, they don’t just think it’s “cool” if you have video on your site. These days, they actually EXPECT your site to have video.

Why not start profiting with this “online video revolution”? Because you can - easily! - with VideoWebWizard 2.0.

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