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Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial - Missing Keyframe In Text Generator

Missing Keyframe In Text Generator - Sony Vegas Pro 8 TutorialMissing keyframe control panel in your text generator? It was there yesterday and now it is gone?
Want to know how to set it back and turn it on again? Very easy. Here is how to turn back on the keyframe control panel in the text generator of Sony Vegas Pro 8. Watch Video Here...

Learn Videography in 5 Days

Success!My first apprentice videographer completed a S$700 event videography job in 5 days. That was a real live assignment while learning on the job.There was a little cheating though. I was there guiding all the time. What do you expect! I am the mentor.This is my very first mentoring experience as a Videographer.Read more here...Videography Course - Learn Videography in 5 Days

How To Shoot the Best Angle Without Getting Blocked

How do you shoot the best angle without getting blocked or pushed when you are a videographer in the paparazzi? Yesterday at the Singapore Arts Festival Outreach Launch, I had the opportunity to jostle with the paparazzi to get my best shot.There were like 10 photographers and video camera people representing the media. Not too many as compared with the Singapore Flyer Official Opening I did last month. The media people wanted to catch the best shot for TV and magazines. I wanted to catch the best shot for my client.Actually, it was not as bad as most might think. I remember in the old days, you really get pushed around and have someone just plant himself right in front of your camera.Read more here...
How To Fight With the Media People or Paparazzi?

Xerox DVD Duplicators

Did You know… Xerox not only copy paper documents, they make DVD copiers too! The Xerox DVD/CD & Blu-ray Duplicators are manual tower duplicators that range from one to 15 writer drives, each of which operates independently of a PC, providing businesses a quick and inexpensive way to make multiple copies of CDs and DVDs. In an industry first, each of the new models allow users to transfer image files directly from a PC to the duplicator’s internal hard drive, saving users the time and effort usually required to produce a master disc for each project.
Read more here...
Xerox Copier Makes Xerox DVD Duplicators

Sony HDR-SR11 60GB HD Hard Drive Camcorder

Who wants to buy my Sony HDR-SR8?Coz I am getting the NEW Sony HDR-SR11!Top 3 reasons why I want the Sony HDR-SR11:Read more here...
I Want The Sony HDR-SR11 10MP 60GB High Definition Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder

Mac to PC Font Converter

How to Convert Mac Fonts to PC Fonts Free?I stayed up till 2 am last night googling for a free mac to pc font converter software. You may think I am such a cheapskate when I can just buy one from $50.That’s right, mac to pc font converter softwares are not cheap.I never needed to convert mac fonts to pc fonts since I started video production 10 years ago. Not till the latest project where the corporate fonts were given to me in mac format.PCs cannot read nor install mac fonts. You have to convert them to PC format fonts first. You can either convert them on the mac then bring them over to the PC or you can convert the mac fonts directly on the PC. In any case, that means when looking for a mac to pc font converter software, you have to take note of its operating system requirement.Since I do not have macs, I looked for a mac to pc font converter that runs on a Windows PC.Based on my google research, there were many free font converters in the past, but somehow they do not exist anymo…

Is WD 250GB Portable Hard Drive good?

Video Production With WD 250GB External Hard Drive - ReviewPurchased a Western Digital WD 250GB Portable Hard Drive. S$199 from Challenger Tiong Bahru.There were two models on the shelves. One with backup software (Elite) and one without (Essential).I chose the model without backup software, cheaper of course. They call it “My Passport Essential”.Passport? The drive does look a bit like a passport, we can even choose colors. Blue or red. I chose blue. Wanted black but there was no stock.Then there were three specifications to choose from. 160GB, 250GB and 320GB. I have many 160GB drives, so the next thing to try is 250GB. I needed only 100GB actually.The last minute decision to get this hard drive is for a video production project that was shot with 3 camcorders. That’s 18 hours of video footage. One hour of video in PAL DV format takes up 12GB of hard drive space. The video production project requires immediate and dedicated attention for delivery within one week (which is eaten a…

Voted Best Again at Yahoo Answers

How to Resize Video for Rendering - Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial Yay! Voted best answer again at Yahoo Answers.A question was asked on how to resize a WMV V9 format video for rendering using Sony Vegas Pro 8. Here is my quick answer…Resizing video for rendering to WMV V9 format.
1. Select “Render As”
2. Select “Save as type:” > “Windows Media Video V9 (*.wmv)”
3. Click button “Custom…”
4. Click tab “Video”
5. Select “Image size:” > “(Custom)”
6. Change Width and Height to desired size.
7. Click “OK”Enjoy!
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