10 Things To Do Before Moving A Videography Office...

Step 1: Select an auspicious date and time. Ours is 26 May 2007, 2pm to 6pm...

Step 2: Book a reliable or recommended mover...

Step 3: Close for a day to pack, transfer telephone line and internet broadband.

Step 4: Empty all tables and racks, then wrap corners with Yellow Pages and masking tape.

Step 5: Get plenty of cardboard boxes, packing tape... and food wrap.

Step 6: Use food wrap to mummify computers, monitors, TV, radio, VCR, DVD/CD Duplicators and all video conversion equipment.

Step 7: Get a staff to watch the outgoing end (old office) and another to watch receiving end (new office).

Step 8: Hand carry all video camcorders yourself. Put them in your own car.

Step 9: Drive behind the movers lorry... just in case something falls off.

Step 10: Unload stuff at new office and wipe the sweat off your brow.

Yes! My new office and video studio is now at TECHNOPRENEUR CENTRE.

Here's our office on a lorry...

Adrian Lee
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