Camcorders and Computers in Festive Mood

Like humans, my camcorders and computers seem to be in a festive mood.

They have decided to breakdown together in this period.

Trusty Fosa notebook computer got a mechanical on/off switch problem which no one can repair. Fosa support don't exist anymore. So I have to figure a way to turn her on. (Because of this, a new notebook was purchased)

HT, The Acer Desktop PC just hanged and shut down in the middle of a video editing session. She refused to turn on again. She is now hospitalised and is expected to recover after Chinese New Year. Diagnosed with a suspected motherboard problem.

D8cam, the Sony Digital8 camcorder, has finally given way. She has been working very hard for more than five years converting D8, Hi8 and V8 video tapes to VCDs and DVDs. Diagnosed with broken drum head, she will undergo drum head transplant operations.

Finally, VX, the Sony VX2000 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder, developed hearing problem. Video recorded did not have perfect sounds. Diagnosed with broken interal parts, will be hospitalised for a few days.

Next. I appreciate my clients' understanding and patience. Informed all those with outstanding jobs about the delay.
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