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Beauty After Rain

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Our sky garden orchid glowing in the morning sun after a night of pouring rain. Title: Beauty After Rain
Photographer: Adrian Lee
Camera: iPhone 4
iPhone App: Tilt Shift GeneratorAdrian Lee

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Burmese Laksa vs Singapore Laksa

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This Friday’s food is the Burmese Laksa aka Myanmar Laksa. I know Singapore Laksa and Penang Laksa but I have never heard of the Burmese Laksa. So this is my first time tasting it at the Kopitiam Vivocity Singapore. First look, the gravy is less reddish compared with my favorite Singapore Laksa. It is more of a light yellow. First taste, very thick coconut milk flavor. Texture is just as thick. Immediately reminds me of the green Thai curry. How spicy is the gravy? I would rate 1 out of 10, 10 being extreme spicy and 1 being just starting to get spicy. Raw onions, also my favorite, made the dish more exciting. Raw onions are not found in the Singapore Laksa. The noodle is a let down. I was expecting the thick white vermicelli noodle. Instead it was the regular yellow noodle. Overall I enjoyed the Burmese Laksa as a dish on it’s own. It cannot be compared with the Singapore Laksa because they are en…

Which Accounting Software for Singapore Businesses

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Are you one of Singapore’s business owners still using spreadsheet for accounting?I am one of them!We use a cloud CRM software for our business quotation, invoicing and customer management. We have not found a matching accounting software to complement it. Hence we are still tediously filling out spreadsheets to calculate profit and loss figures. There are only a few accounting software in the market but which one is the best for Singapore businesses?This morning at the Rendezvous meeting, a fellow business owner showcased his recommended software. Being a professional accountant himself, Johnny Lai of Acc-Pro presented the MYOB as the accounting software tailored for the Singapore business, especially when you need to factor in GST. MYOB software is designed for the non-accountant. What I liked most is its ability to group customers into categories and contact them. That’s email mark…

iPhone iMovie Now Supports Videos Imported from External Cameras

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This is great news! Until now the iPhone iMovie can edit only videos shot with it’s own camera or video from another iPhone camera. You cannot edit videos from other video source. How many video formats can it support?Maybe I am guessing that it works this way. The only way to find out is to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5.0 then upgrade iMovie. This new version works only on iOS 5.0. Stay tuned for my review. Otherwise tell me your experience. Adrian Lee

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Who Do You Call for Car Breakdown Service

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I always call AA, Automobile Association of Singapore, when my car break down in the middle of nowhere… And AA always arrive earlier than the promised one hour. Had to reschedule an important meeting today because my grand old Kia Spectra just wouldn’t start in the carpark at home. It’s not as old as you think… The mileage clocked is still very low compared with other cars of the same age of 7 to 8 years. A cabin lamp was left on overnight, hence drained out the battery. The battery was recharged and I was given a choice whether to change the battery to a new one. (this is like an annual affair)Since the battery is already 15 months old, I decided to change it to new one which costs… S$175! At least there is peace of mind for another year. So who do you call when your car breaks down?Adrian Lee

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Move from Bluehost to Hostgator Almost

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The decision to move from Bluehost to Hostgator was made early this year when Bluehost became sluggish with excessive downtimes. My business website built entirely from WordPress also includes scripts in the back end for CRM and emails. To create a good impression on customers, we cannot afford anymore impromptu website disappearing act caused by the web hosting company. Today is the day to take action. Move from Bluehost to Hostgator. Here are several backup steps I took before proceeding. 1. Save Essential Sales PagesIn case the transfer process fail, we can continue business from another domain quickly with the downloaded and saved pages. (wanted to duplicate the sales pages on Facebook page, but Facebook removed it’s multiple FBML tabs feature).Sales Pages include home page, services pages, course pages, about us and contact us. We have only 10 essential sales pages to save. The rest are hi…

iPhone Tiny Tower Game Status

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80 floors and 155 residents. My iPhone Tiny Tower game strategy:
1. Fill every business unit with the maximum of 3 staff.
2. Spend towerbucks to fill every residential apartment with 5 residents.
3. Evict any resident whose dream job is fully taken up.
4. Build 3 residential apartments followed by 5 business units and repeat.
5. Don’t bother pressing the blue button to find a resident. Wastes time when you have 80 floors. I play to relax and enjoy the sound of money falling. Adrian Lee
Social Video Master

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S$3000 Done Deals in 30 days with Only One Web Video

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This Friday at BNI Rendezvous business networking breakfast, I will be showcasing a recent real story about how one of my new web video closed S$3000 worth of done deals in just 30 days.In this showcase, I will talk about:
1. The 3 elements that made this video stand out from the rest.
2. The 3 websites that brought the most traffic to this video.
3. The 3 social media tactics that converted viewers to leads.Who Should Attend:
Small Business Owners, Trainers, Speakers, Coaches and Authors.Why You Should Attend:
. VideoLane YouTube Channel is #7 – Most Viewed (All Time) – Gurus – Singapore…
. VideoLane Featured Video garnered over 1 million views…
. is ranked #787 in the Singapore according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. reserve a seat, l…

I Will Remember Steve Jobs

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The iPhone Changed the Way I Work, Play and Socialize.I am still amazed at how one idea can change lives.Only one man can do it…Only one man did it…That’s Steve Jobs.Adrian Lee
http://AdrianVideoImage.comPS: As I hold my iPhone 4 in my hand, I hope Steve’s spirit of innovation live on in more iPhones to come.

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