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Media Training Tips with Paul Carr - Tip #1 Write Your Message
Need Help Managing The Media?

If you're looking for training on how to manage the media, then let Paul Carr show you how to react and promote to the media more effectively.

As the author of the very popular new book
From Singapore To Seattle, How To Manage The Media,
Paul has personally taught thousands of individuals his unique and insightful formulas for managing the media, whether you're facing a crisis or just want to get noticed.

Adrian Lee

PS: A YouTube "Tip" video that I personally created with the help of my Producer colleague.

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Help! Upgraded to Wordpress 3.0 Without Deactivating Plugins and Backup!

While updating my website today, I saw this one-liner announcement with a link to upgrade to Wordpress latest version 3.0.

Happily I clicked on the link, activated the automatic upgrade option and successfully installed the new Wordpress 3.0.

"Sucessfully installed" was what the automatic software installer flashed on the screen.

HOWEVER, my heart sank when I refreshed my website and found it reduced to just one line of message on the screen "Fatal error: .../wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 289".

I tried to backspace my admin control panel, but it also flashed "Fatal error: .../wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 289".

Maybe it was the Google Chrome browser problem. Let's try Firefox.  Same thing "Fatal error: .../wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 289".

I knew I had to do two things before upgrading Wordpress, but bravely didn't.  Backup and deactivate all plugins.

So this is it. Is it going to be another sleepless night of frantically gett…

A Disrupt-a-Saurus T-shirt from Traffic Geyser!

I got a big fat soft bubble pack envelope in my snail mail box.
It came all the way from Traffic Geyser in the US.
At first I thought is was money or maybe some video in a box stuff.
To my pleasant surpise, the package contain a t-shirt with a dinosaur print.
Why did Traffic Geyser mail me a t-shirt? Did I win some contest that
I forgotten I joined?
All I know is I am both an affiliate and a customer of Traffic Geyser.--
Adrian Lee
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VideoLane Pte Ltd
1003 Bukit Merah Central #06-07, Singapore 159836. tel:67388313

2-day Basic Videography Course Batch 1007 Completed

Completed Training a new batch of 7 participants. This is another creative bunch with bright ideas. Look at the video they directed and produced. All I did was provide the skeleton script and act. The guys figured out the rest, from lighting to props. In these 2 full days, I imparted my videography skills. Day 1 was using the camcorder with light and sound. Day 2 was editing with Sony Vegas Pro on PC notebooks. Beyond technical aspects, the course includes storytelling. The art of conveying a message with moving visuals. By the way, it's not about home videos nor movies. This hands-on workshop is for serious corporate learners. People who want to make videos with a call to action. Here's more about the 2-day Basic Videography Course. Held in VideoLane's Bukit Merah Studio, Singapore.
Adrian Lee

Systems Ready for Another 2-day Basic Videography Course

Tomorrow, a new batch of 7 participants will be attending the 2-day
Basic Videography Course.The equipment and system are all set up and ready for an interactive
hands-on experience.I will personally be conducting the lessons and imparting the skills
that made me a good living.Day One will be mastering the art of handling the camcorder to capture
and tell a visual story.Day Two is the art of editing a compelling video that conveys a
message with a call to action.Two full days in VideoLane Studio with access to indoor and outdoor
environment for practice.Why learn videography? Like computer literacy, video presentation is
an essential for the future.
Adrian Lee
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VideoLane Pte Ltd
1003 Bukit Merah Central #06-07, Singapore 159836. tel:67388313

Making Sushi Inside Out at Home

I learnt how to make 'reverse' sushi at a workshop I shot in a Korean
Restaurant.Yes, this is Korean sushi, no raw fish.Reverse sushi is having the rice rolled outside of the seaweed.The secret? Use food wrap over the sushi roller.If you want to know exactly how, leave a comment and request me to make a video.
Adrian Lee
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