DVD Copy and iPod / PSP DVD Converter

Ideal DVD Software Introduces DVD Copy Software and iPod/PSP DVD Converters Here are 3 new software released by Ideal DVD Software.Ideal DVD Copy
An ideal DVD Copy software to backup your original DVD movie. Key Features of Ideal DVD Copy:
True 1:1 DVD Copy without losing any quality - Copy entire DVD to 4.7GB disc or 8.5 GB dual layer disc with 1:1 mode.Copy DVD-9 movie to a 4.7GB disc - Shrink DVD-9 movie to fit on a 4.7GB disc in near perfect quality.Copy main movie only - Remove menus, trailers, unwanted audios and subtitles.Copy selected episodes - Choose episodes you wanted from a TV Show DVD or episodic DVD to copy.Copy DVD-9 movie to two 4.7GB discs - Split a DVD-9 movie to two 4.7GB discs without losing any quality.Copy DVD movie to hard disk - Enjoy it from hard disk without original DVD. You also can burn it to blank DVD later.Remove all the restrictions of DVD - Make region free. Remove UOPs and all copy protections (CSS, So…

Online PowerPoint to Video Conversion

Convert Powerpoint to Flash Video Online There is an online alternative to Camtasia! Also, it is free!If you are looking for ways to convert PowerPoint to video, try authorSTREAM. It does the conversion online without having to download any software. You don’t have to pay for it too. After converting your PowerPoint to video at authorSTREAM, you can share your PowerPoint slideshows by embedding it in your blog, websites, post to YouTube and even put it on iPod. You can convert your Powerpoint presentation complete with animations, timings and audio.Great for marketing presentations, training content and short video reports.Just sign up with your email, upload your PPT file and wait a few minutes for the conversion processOnce converted, the video can be shared like a Youtube video. Maybe one day we will see a powerpoint slideshow become a viral video.Here is a sample embedded from the site.To Your Success!
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CD DVD Duplication for Small Business Owners

Plextor CD/DVD Duplicators for Small Business Marketers A press release from Plextor, introducing Three new CD DVD Disc Duplication Towers Configured with One, Three and Seven Recorders.Plextor® LLC, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, announced the immediate availability of the PlexTower series of CD/DVD disc duplication towers. The small footprint, slim profile towers deliver high-quality recording for low-volume applications, as well as one-touch operation in an economic package. PlexTower series duplicators feature 18X DVD and 48X CD recording speeds, and each drive is capable of burning eight DVD discs or 22 CD discs per hour. In addition to DVD video, the drives also support dual-layer DVD-R/+R and DVD-ROM recording. Prassi Zulu 2 disc mastering software is included, while a simple interface and LCD readout make it easy to perform common functions like copy and verify.Plextor is offering three models: a single-drive PlexTower PX-DTS100…

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial : 7 Special Effects

Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial : 7 Special Effects Here is a Sony Vegas Pro 8 Tutorial for the beginner created by Youtuber dnuorgrednu2. I feature this video here because it demonstrates in 8 minutes all the basic special effects from Sony Vegas Pro 8.7 Special Effects With Sony Vegas Pro 8:How to Cut, Speed Up and Slow DownAdding Video EffectsAdding Transition EffectsHow to Use Chroma Keyer EffectOverview of Protype TitlerHow to Use 3D EditorAdding Sound Effect Enjoy!
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http://InstantViralVideo.comPS:Master the Vegas Pro 8 tool set, including its industry-leading HD and audio capabilities. This comprehensive guide delivers the nuts and bolts of the essential tasks, from installing the application to outputting, together with practical editing techniques and real-world examples for working more efficiently.

Get Vegas Pro 8 Editing Workshop
Packed with all the necessary materials, including video footage, sequences, and detailed instructio…

Build An Instant Movie in 6 Easy Steps

Build-A-Video Workshop, Where Instant Movies Are Made My 10 year old daughter celebrated her birthday over the Easter weekend. What she wanted was a stuffed animal from Build-A-Bear Workshop.Being ignorant of kids stores around town, I thought Build-A-Bear Workshop was just another toy shop. By co-incidence while reading the financial news about Bear Stearns, I discovered Build-A-Bear Workshop is listed on New York Stock Exchange at a whopping $9 per share (rounded off).I thought: “How can a teddy bear shop make so much money?”. I brought my daughter to a nearby outlet to find out… and to build her the bear.The store was buzzing. There were mainly 3 types of customers. Parents buying for kids. Boyfriends buying for girlfriends. Girls buying for themselves. The staff were cheery bubbly teen girls bouncing around the store like they will never run out of batteries.Dollar signs appeared in front of my eyes. It is a novelty store. You actually build from scratch a bear or any animal stuff …

How to Extract DVD Menu Only

How to Extract DVD Menu Only? This is a strange request but a valid one. Most commercial softwares let you extract the main video and not the menu. The reason most clients want to extract the menu is because it looks good and they want to use it again in another video compilation.I am not referring to movie DVDs here, but corporate video DVDs belonging to the client. Their previous videographers have done a good job with the motion menu which is worth re-using.The point to note is, once the menu is extracted, it is just a pure video clip and not interactive anymore.Here are the 5 steps to Extract DVD Menu Only.Download, install and run freeware DVD Shrink. Works on Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista. Insert DVD into DVD drive.Step #1: Select Open Disc. Select DVD Drive.Step #2: Select Re-author.Step #3: Select Menu Video.Step #4: Select Backup. Select folder to save the extracted file.Step #5: Click OK. Wait for encoding.The menu will be extracted and encoded in VOB file format. A good v…

Instant Viral Video Gets 3D Ebook Cover

Instant Viral Video Gets 3D Ebook Cover in less than 1 hour with 4 simple steps… and for free!I love web-based free tools, such as Google Docs, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Calendar, Netvibes and Meebo. I never work on the same Computer all the time. At home there is one PC, in the studio there are five and at my kids’ night classes there are free internet access PCs for parents. [read more]