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Adrian’s Journal #191128

Let’s go to the post office. Mail an item to England. Then go back to work. Tonight, visit SITEX 2019 and collect brochures.

That’s my plan for today in a nutshell.

Had a good 5-hour slumber last night. Thanks for the cool rainy weather. Thanks for the nice warm hash brown at breakfast.

What 3 amazing things happened yesterday?

  1. Filled up email campaign with 7 follow ups for Zhiyun Smooth 4 smartphone gimbal subscribers (98 subscribers up to date). All value. No selling. ROI: Building my list of smartphone YouTube bloggers.
  2. Announced on social : “The 2-day Videography and Video Editing Course is happening on 7 and 8 December 2019… ticket sale ends 12 noon on Friday, 29 November 2019… Please share this with someone who can benefit from it… “. ROI: Nothing yet, sending another announcement today.
  3. Prepared SITEX 2019 blog post ROI: Increased website visitors… More adsense clicks.

What will I do to make today great?

  1. Announce video course sale closing tomorrow…
  2. Edit BMPCC 6K review part 2.
  3. Create InVideo Review Part 2 of 7.

And much much more…

  1. Email IT Fair SITEX 2019 and Black Friday deals.
  2. Complete Davinci Resolve video editing online Course.
  3. Add a new chapter to Smartphone Video Class. Teleprompter.
  4. Update my Video Marketing Strategy: While taking the time to create a 5-minute video, do the intro and outro first and post it on social media as a teaser. Include magic. Tik Tok loves magic… Linkedin too surprisingly.
  5. Transfer the 5 daily challenge videos to YouTube and WP blog.
  6. Create 5 posts on VIDEOLANE.COM including a DaVinci resolve training, Zhiyun smooth 4, DVD Creation, and Smartphone tricks. Also Google News. YT Q&A. Documentation.
  7. Look out for Black Friday Deal (less than S$180): Zhiyun Smooth Q2 at Qoo10 or Lazada. Also Mistral Kettle, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max, MacBook Pro 16″. Anker 10000mah USB-C. Tiny thumb drive.
  8. Complete Davinci Resolve video editing online Course.
  9. Complete ATEM Mini Review part 4. Preview monitoring.
  10. Post ATEM/HDMI set up Videos on It WORK$!
  11. Post #3 of 12 videos on Feiyu AK4000 Review and Tutorial. Next… FZ2500 and AK4000. Stabilization on. Balancing the head. Shutter control setting. Focus setting. Shoulder strap… Frustrations: White balance, Zoom control, Exposure control.
  12. Download live recording of 29 Oct 2019 smartphone video class. Edit and Sell online.
  13. Document VideoPad speech to text automatic subtitles.
  14. Create a list of missing features on Adobe Premiere Pro. Still, no way to add audio transition or audio fades on video clips in Adobe Premiere Rush. Still cannot unlink audio from video clips.
  15. Sell one old item on the FB market place.
  16. Personal projects: KL trip with Elton. Japan Trip. Kukup Trip.
  17. Discover DJI Mavic Mini.
  18. Thursday! Promote the 2-day videography and video editing class.
  19. Visit Bukit Batok Nature Park. For the smartphone nature documentary.
  20. Solve Catalina and OBS issue…
  21. Check if ATEM Mini is available on Amazon. Then place affiliate links in all the video.

Coming up next… What happened? What did not work? What did I learn?

What happened today?

  1. Emailed IT Fair SITEX 2019 and Black Friday deals.

What did I learn today?

  1. Pat Flynn Podcast. How to offer Black Friday discount. Time limited, free shipping, discount dollar better then percent, always show higher price before discount, special bonuses, create bundles, partnering with other people’s product, email marketing last day is insane, send 2 emails on final day, send to unopened emails, live on Facebook…

See you in the next post.

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